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February 20th – Voltaire’s Revolution with Gail K. Noyer

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Gail K. Noyer, la traductrice du film Les 3 Vies du Chevalier en langue anglaise (sous-titrage) est avant-tout scénariste et Voltairienne. Elle signe chez Prometheus Books son Voltaire’s Revolution : Writings from His Campaign to Free Laws from Religion.

Elle rencontrera ses lecteurs et dédicacera son ouvrage le Samedi 20 Février 2016, de 14:00 à 15:30 à : The American Library in Paris
10, rue du Général Camou 75007 Paris +33 (0)1 53 59 12 60
 » In the intimate setting in the Library’s conference room, Gail Noyer discusses her book about François-Marie Arouet, the man known as Voltaire ».

 Criticism on Goodreads :

voltaire's revolutionVoltaire, the pen name of François-Marie Arouet (1694-1778), was one of the most influential leaders of the Enlightenment. This book presents English translations of key writings from Voltaire’s legendary campaign for tolerance which forcefully drove the movement to grant freedom of beliefs and end state-imposed religions. Many of these writings have long been unavailable in English. John Adams wrote that Voltaire « did more for religious liberty than Calvin, Luther or even Locke. »

Originally published under pseudonyms to avoid imprisonment, many of these tracts were burned in a losing battle by the authorities. The book includes the rarely-cited “Sermon of Rabbi Akib” (a searing attack on anti-Semitism),  the hugely popular deistic “Prayer to God”, “Catechism of the Honest Man,” and other witty, at times acerbic pieces that point out the errors in the Bible, the corruption of the clergy, and religiously-inspired persecutions across the ages.

With a well-annotated introduction, plus an appendix including first-hand accounts of the battle by noted mathematician and French revolutionary Condorcet, Frederick the Great, Oliver Goldsmith, and others, this excellent compilation will be a welcome addition to the libraries of anyone with an interest in the history of freedom of thought or in arguments still pertinent today.

« I count myself as a Voltaire enthusiast but had never bothered to unearth some of these gems. No other book offers such a lively collection of Voltairian prose in so few pages. » – Michael Johnson, Facts and Arts. « It would be nice to think that « Voltaire’s Revolution » will add to the ranks of (his) admirers. If this much wit and brilliance (all adroitly translated) can’t manage that, probably nothing can. » – Steve Donoghue, Open Letters Monthly.


Gail-K.-NoyerGAIL K. NOYER : freelance writer and translator, born in Michigan where she did copywriting and production for a PBS affiliate and radio before moving to France. She has written scripts in French for a half-dozen TV series, and translated many others into English, along with plays, documentaries and exhibitions for museums. A long-time student of the Enlightenment, her book, “Voltaire’s Revolution: Writings from His Campaign to Free Laws from Religion” was published by Prometheus Books and released by Penguin/Random House in 2015. She is currently developing a feature film script on Voltaire, as well as a feature-length comedy inspired by one of his lesser-known works. Gail K. Noyer and Dominique Dattola became acquainted through the French authors’ guild (SNAC) and, discovering their mutual interests, she wrote an English adaptation of The 3 Lives of the Chevalier and provided a version of the film subtitled in English.

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